6 Other Uses for Cling Wrap in Your Home

Cling wrap is one of the most used kitchen items, and it is likely that you mainly use it to pack school or work lunches. There are, however, so many other exciting ways that you could use cling wrap that you might have never thought about.

Cling wrap, also known as cling film or plastic wrap, refers to a thin plastic film used to seal food items, ensuring that they remain fresher for longer. Cling wrap plays a massive role in most kitchens as it can better protect food and maintain its quality.


Cling wrap uses

Though cling wrap is mainly used in the kitchen for packaging food and extending the shelf-life of certain food items, it does not mean that you cannot use it for other functions. There are plenty of creative ways that you can use cling wrap in your home that might surprise you. Below are some exciting ways that you can better use cling wrap in your kitchen

  1. Keep bananas freshBananas might be one of the best fruits that everyone enjoys, but nothing can compare to the disappointment of peeling one and discovering that it is covered in mushy brown spots. Though overripe bananas are perfect for making banana bread, they are not great as a snack. Cling wrap ensures that you keep your bananas fresh and tasty for longer as it reduces the escape of ethylene which causes bananas to ripen fast. Ensure that you also cover the stem of the banana.
  2. Packing and storing cutleryMoving can be both an exciting and stressful time but cling wrap ensures that the process is a lot easier for you as it will help you keep track of your cutlery. Wrap each cutlery set, such as knives, forks and spoons, together using a small piece of cling wrap. Doing so will eliminate the chances of cutlery falling part or separating during the move so that you do not lose any spoons or forks. It is one sure way of ensuring that all your cutlery is in the same place when you arrive, and it also reduces the amount of time you spend unpacking.
  3. Keep fridge shelves cleanMesses are inevitable, and cleaning them up can be a daunting task that takes up a lot of time. One method that you could use to ensure that you cut the amount of time you spend cleaning your fridge is using cling wrap to seal the top of each fridge shelf. Whenever a mess does occur, all you will have to do is peel off the dirty cling wrap and apply another one.
  4. Keep flowers fresh for longerFlowers are one of the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts that you can give to anyone, but there is nothing worse than offering someone a wilted bouquet. The best way to keep flowers fresh is by covering the stems using a damp paper towel and then sealing the stems using cling wrap. This method is effective as it can lock in the moisture of the stems, which helps prevent your flowers from wilting prematurely before you can get them into a vase with water. You can ensure that your flowers will always look like they came straight from a flower shop.
  5. Keep paint equipment from drying outPainting your home can be the most convenient way to give it a makeover, but it also takes a lot of time, increasing the chances of either the paint or the tools you use drying up. To avoid this from this happening, you can wrap them up in cling wrap. Cling wrap can create an airtight seal that will keep the paint fresh and that the tools you use are wet until you need to use them to apply the next coat. Covering paint cans using cling wrap also assists in keeping the harsh smell of the paint at bay.
  6. Prevent liquids from spillingBottle caps are well known to be bad at doing their job, especially while travelling. There is nothing worse than discovering that your shampoo and conditioner have spilt all over your bags. To avoid dealing with the mess that occurs when liquids spill, you could use cling wrap for that. You should first remove the bottles’ caps or lids and then place a piece of cling wrap on top to ensure that whatever is in the bottle remains in the bottle.



Cling wrap does more than keep food fresh. It can eliminate some common issues that you have to deal with in your home.


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