Supa Mama Invest in Dignity Expanding Leaf Motif
Supa Mama Invest in Dignity Expanding Leaf Motif

SUPA MAMA® Women In Recycling.
How You can make A Difference.

50 Swing Bin Liners
Every time you buy a SUPA MAMA® product, you are paying it forward and Investing in Dignity by creating social change with communities.
50 Swing Bin Liners
We donate a portion of the retail price from each product to SUPA MAMA® Women in recycling. In this way, you are directly helping to upskill and create work opportunities for women from under-resourced areas.

When Purchasing a SUPA MAMA® Product, You Help To:

Build women-owned

Grow aspirations

Change lives for
the better

Become an agent for meaningful social change

SUPA MAMA®’s vision is to empower every home to live healthier, happier lives while caring for the planet. We want to enhance people’s quality of life by giving them access to the skills and tools they need to create decent jobs for themselves.

Invest in Dignity™

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