Putting the environment first.

Let's face it, in today's day and age plastics have become an integral part of our lives. As a low cost, versatile material, it's no wonder our modern world is now so highly dependent on plastics. It has become part of what has made our lives easier, safer, cleaner and more enjoyable but the harsh reality is that plastics are harmful to our environment, especially when disposed of incorrectly. For us to break this harsh cycle, a cohesive effort is required from manufacturers, government and consumers to help in ensuring the longevity of our beautiful environment.

At SUPA MAMA®, we are driven to work towards creating a better system, where plastic fits into the Circular Plastics Economy and never becomes waste. SUPA MAMA® aims to bring the health, safety and convenience benefits of affordable yet eco-friendly plastic products into consumer's everyday lives, that can be disposed of responsibly to have life post use. At the heart of our products, we find a drive towards innovating to ensure our products are more readily recyclable and more durable to encourage reuse and better consumer habits

Our production process reflects a reduced carbon footprint and no-waste practices, where non-compliant products are recycled back into raw material for reuse. We use a blend of recycled and virgin materials in both product and packaging to ensure that we are still able to deliver on quality while diverting valuable waste, going directly to landfills.

We understand that in order to create a better environment for all, behaviour change is required and we firmly believe in the power of education. Through social media platforms, we encourage our audience to adopt a greener lifestyle and educate on the importance of sorting at source to help empower our consumer to contribute positively towards the recovery of valuable recyclable material.

While we wish this change could take place overnight, we understand that this is a process that will take time to achieve. It is because of this that we are focused on what we can do today that would create a better tomorrow, while we continue to innovate and research alternate concepts that will assist to drastically improve on the future of our environment.