SMALL acts to make a BIG environmental difference

The world does not need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly. What the world needs is a SUPA amount of people doing it imperfectly with SMALL acts that everyone can do to make a BIG difference to our environment:

  • Reduce the waste you put into your black refuse bags. This is done by recycling your household plastic, paper, glass and cans (be sure to wash and allow to dry before recycling). Did you know that your Tetra Pak cartons are now recyclable? Tetra Pak cartons are used for the packaging of products such as long-life milk, fruit juice and custard.
  • Another way to reduce kitchen waste is to create a compost heap for food scraps, which makes a SUPA fertilizer for your garden. Cutting down on your household waste also means that less petrol is used to transport it to the landfill and reduces the burden placed on the landfill itself, not forgetting our natural resources.
  • Keep your own reusable grocery bags in your car boot so that you aren’t caught without! If you end up with plastics bags, reuse them where you can and then dispose with your plastic recyclables.
  • Whenever you buy anything, try to support business with eco-friendly practices, like for example choosing Supa Mama® refuse bags, which are made from recycled materials.

These small acts can help save the planet.

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